How do you use constant and reducing forces?


I am looking for some ways to use constant forces which last longer than one timestep.

I right now wrote a little class which carries some hashmaps for my dynamicnodes and every physicstep I apply them.

In this way I also implemented linear changing forces.

Does anybody use something more efficient because this might take a serious amount of time for many nodes and forces?

Applying the forces every time step is the only way known to me (besides implementing new joints, which is quite more complicated and does not have better performance in this case).

I'm not sure why you need a map for this, though.

I want to add fiddertent kinds of forces to a node which I later can remove in the same way.

For example adding a force to move the node in one direction and another force for hovering over the floor.

Because the first force automatically stops after some timesteps the second one should only stop when I give another command.

And because of this I use maps to find the allplied forces a little faster