How does Image() functions?

Hi all!

Maybe its a very stupid question but could anybody explain me how I make an Image()?

I want to change the Window Icon for my program with DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem.setIcon(Image[]) but I dont understand how I make the Image. I know that I need a ByteBuffer but at which position tell I the Image which picture it should load?

I'll be very happy if anybody can explain it me detailt.


Try this:

com.jme.image.Image img = TextureManager.loadImage( YourClass.class.getResource("relative Path of your image"), false);

Yes, it work's!

Thanks a lot. But for what do I need then the ByteBuffer?

The buffer is used to load the image, but this is done in TextureManager.loadImage(…). So you don't have to care about it. :slight_smile:

Ok, I don't care :slight_smile:

Thanks again