How does one implement webstart?

Hi guys,

I’m very new and rather excited so please excuse the silly question.

I have my test project and have deployed it as an exe and also applet on my test website, both work great.

However, when I tick webstart and upload the produced files, I get a “launch” button on the site. I click the launch button and and it just downloads the launch.jnlp file (chrome browser) and if I run that, the java splash screen appears and then nothing.

I have tried adding the full address into the various files referenced in the jnlp file but alas nothing.

Am I meant to change something on the server side of things? Am I plain doing it wrong? Help?

Any feedback / help would be enormously appreciated.

Check the error output of the application, probably you try to load a .obj or mesh.xml model directly, those are not included in the release as you are expected to use j3o files.