How does skeleton joints work in jme?

Hi folks. It’s not about physics, but about skeleton. I know it’s possible transforming bones in jme, but and about transforming joints? For example:

In blender, you create an armature with some bones. Then you can translate/rotate/scale bones in “Pose Mode”. Ok, jme does it too. But in blender, in "Edit Mode, "you can translate single joints, instead translating the “whole” bone. Is it already implemented, or do I have to implement it, or does @kaelthas going to implement it?

I’m using OpenNI to implement the kinect feature in jme, and it gives me the position/rotation from each joint of the user :

Head, Left Ankle, Left Collar, Left Elbow, Left Finger Tip, Left Foot, Left Hand, Left Hip, Left Knee, Left Shoulder,

Left Wrist, Neck, Right Ankle, Right Collar, Right Elbow, Right Finger Tip, Right Foot, Right Hand, Right Hip, Right Knee, Right Shoulder,

Right Wrist, Torso and Waist.

Edit: Hmm. I can see the “com.jme.bullet.joints” package. So, Is using physics the only/right way to do that?

The ragdoll control uses joints by computing them from the bones, perhaps you can take a look at that?

Hmm. Yeah. I saw that. So I have to use physics. Also, I found a very useful link ;).

It looks there was a troller roaming around this topic -.-.