How is it best to design characters with interchangeable clothes?

I want to create a game character with interchangeable clothes.

My question it this, how should I design him? Should I make a 3d mesh for the head and neck, then various torso meshes for each type of clothes, various ones for different trousers and again more for the different shoes?

Am I correct in thinking that I can then stick the various items together and then animate each part separately?

But I also thought that you needed to create a skeleton to animate the mesh? If I do, how do I put each part over the skeleton to make it animate? Because making a sequence of every type of animation for each item is gonna be lengthy.

Basically I need to have a relatively easy, that is going to be memory/CPU un-intensive, way to animate characters wearing different clothes that have the ability to change their clothes and still carry on. But I have no idea where to go with it or how to start and really need some pointers and help to get me started in the right direction.

I will appreciate any tutorials that you can suggest but could you also please try to address these points that I have made directly? Because tuts are sometimes hard to sift through til you get what you want from them.

Many thanks guys!


I suggest you check out this:

Which describes a method for getting clothes/items on to your character.

But, really, once you’ve done that, you should start from the beginning with the HottBj tutorials to get a hang of how to get your models/armatures into jme (they also go about describing how to create them).

They begin here:

In case you get stuck, the author frequents the forums and is very helpful. There are also numerous troubleshooting threads around the board.

Diamond, it's beautiful!  :smiley:

I'll begin working through these. The 'Mountpoints' idea is still a little unclear but I think that it will become more clear as I progress through the HottBJ Tuts.

Many thanks rickard,


/off .

wow this is really nice, i wasnt aware of the export tool at all! I'll check it. Hopefully it's a better pipeline and also will be quick loading compared to loading objs and all.