How is WoW Terrain structured?

Hi, I am semi new to java programming and even newer to game design. I know the basics of jme2 and 3 and had a question (more for learning than anything else.).

I wanted to know if creating a seamless map like the one in World of Warcraft is possible in jme3, and if so what is the general structure involved.

Using this as a reference:

My main questions are:

-Would this be best achieved using 1 very large heightmap or many small ones? (1 per zone?)

-If there are many, how are they fitted together to be seamless? Or how are they not all squares in powers of 2?

-If it is one large one, how could the texturing be done? One large color map with many small alpha textures?

-Now that the new terrain classes are coming out, is this something they will be capable of? Would this be achievable with the current 3 texture limit (or will we have to wait for 16?)

Obviously, I know no one here knows exactly how the WoW map was created, but using your experience in game design and programming I’m just looking for a best guess as to how the style would be recreated in jme.

I try not to ask questions to keep from cluttering up the boards, but with the new terrain classes just releasing and (I’m sure) many newb lurkers like myself this would be enlightening.

Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

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TerraMonkey will have streaming terrain in the future. Basically its like the current terrain system, heightmap quads that are dynamically loaded/streamed from disk and added to the scenegraph. One important thing to remember is that you cannot just move indefinitely into one direction as the location float values would become too high after a while and the system would become inaccurate. So you have to move the player and the terrain “back” to achieve the effect of “endless” terrain.