How make a multi-player game in Android Using JME


I generated a game with JME to execute on Android and it’s working well. Now i want to generate the same game for multi-player. Can i generate the game for multi-players using JME?. I want to know how do that?. I need to know how connect my Android Device at server?. I hope that you help me in this topic


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You’ll have to narrow it down a bit. A big portion of what you’re asking about is already covered in the Android docs:

You can absolutely do this in jME though. Just come up with a more specific problem that you wanna start with.

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ok, i designed a game using JMonkey, and i want to execute in android devices and Pc; when i execute the game in android and in pc simultaneusly, the two player can interact in the game; i want to do that, how can i connect two player simultaneus in android? and, how can integrate more players, when they want to play in android or pc?