How much Java do I need to know to start using JMonkeyEngine?

I have only begun to learn java, can create simple stuff like a simple BMI calculator.
How “good” at java do I need to be to start using JmonkeyEngine and appreciate what JME has to offer?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Don’t worry, it’s really not that hard to start whit, its basically just a huge library, and you have more than enough demo, examples and forum post to work with.

Plus, if you have any question the forum is usually very active, just make sure you have checked on google if the answer was already in here somewhere, I think people like pspeed get a little tired of repeating themselves x)

So yeah, you will get confused, but you will be able to find your answer, as with anything in programmation :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome in: chimpanzee_laugh:

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To start with JME you only need the Java basics.
To create an actual game, you will need to learn a lot more.

But considering how easy it is to create simple scene with a few boxes and spheres in JME, you can use it to visualize some of your basic learning projects.
When learning Java, I always found it much more fun to create programs where I can actually see something happening instead of just getting a single System.out.println() at the end showing me the results.
It it’s the same for you, just give it a go.

Just remember to spend your time actually learning and practicing Java.
It’s easy to waste a lot of time beautifying your application without making any progress in the code.
Make sure to focus on the code :slight_smile:

Thanks SimonBedard !!

I guess I just have to download and start experimenting then :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying Cervantez !!

Hehe yeah System.out.println() is only that much fun…
Instead of going to UE or Unity I see JME as a chance to both get better at
Java and to learn how to create games at the same time :smile:

If you go this route (learning java WHILE using jME) a tip from my side would be looking at tutorials and doing stuff you get taught there. DO NOT attempt to write a game you have in mind WHILE learning Java AND jME at the same time, that will only cause tears.

Thanks for that tip Normen,

That sounds like wise advice indeed !!
I will surely need to study basic java quite much but just getting started with tutorials will be fun.
I have not programmed games since I used Commodore 128 basic :wink:

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Welcome to JME world :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:
I promise you will love it when you see how cool is JME and what cool stuffs you can do with it.
Try to practice tutorials in page.
And ask your question if you could not find the answer after searching in the forum and wiki.
Hope You Enjoy Your Journey with JME :grinning:

And as you are learning, it can sometimes be hard to tell which is which… but try to limit questions here to JME questions and not general Java questions. Many many new user questions often amount to “how do I cast” “how do I create me own class with fields” and so on… even if the asker doesn’t always realize that.