How polygon for a character

Hello, I have a question

How polygon me advise you to use model for a character

Knowing that the latest figure will be several visible screen as well as the effect of particles

As few as possible, that is if the character will be part of a larger scene also.

ok, but how about an idea to have a character who does not resemble at brick building set

and you for your game your principal character ?

There is more to the character than the mesh. let the renderer do some work too.

The best way to see this is by example, so make the following modification to TestIsland and then zoom in on the cube.

        Box b = new Box("Test", new Vector3f(0,0,0), new Vector3f(1256,1256,1256));
        b. copyTextureCoords(0, 0, 1 ,1);
        b.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());
       splattingPassNode.attachChild(b, true);

Add the above code after the following line within createTerrain

splattingPassNode.attachChild(page, true);

Of course it depends on how big your character will be on screen, You may also need several representations of your character

Maybe if you describe your game also it will help to answer you

Uhm the game does understand that character and the effect of particle
It is a card game (a bit like magic the gattering)
Or character but in the map are in 3D
So there is no real character of the landscape just is why I said it was pretty
View it will be the main attraction

If it's a natural type person with full figure, modern games use about 15,000 polygons for the highest detail. Then they add parallax mapping, normal mapping, gloss mapping, and perhaps some subsurface scattering approximation, to make it look even higher resolution. In an engine where the GPU can do the work of transforming/skinning the character, that's not going to be too much of a problem as long as you have a handful of characters on the screen. However, jME uses CPU-side skinning, so if you have more than one or two characters, that poly count will likely be too high – for jME and multiple characters, I'd recommend no more than 2,000 polygons per character.

I hope this answers the question, because the question was kind-of hard to parse.

my question was answered thx