How should I go about creating an interactive risk-style map?

Suppose I want to read this map:

then compare it to the database and assign each individual province a colour depending on which country this province belongs to.

Can you point to any relevant guides? Do I need to use shaders?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Here’s an example of the result that I want to get:

One way might be to make a .svg file in Inkscape and then import it into Blender.
Make sure that every province is a separate object and import these objects into jME.
Though, I’m not very much into the asset-pipeline lately since I’ve focused on GUI-stuff for a while.
I know there are 3 ways now: XBuf, Blender-importer, Blender-to-Ogre-exporter

If you want to procedurally generate those maps then it becomes a little more difficult.
In the end you would decompose provinces into a collection of convex 2D polygons.
Or you combine several convex 2D polygons (e.g. from Voronoi) into larger, concave 2D polygons.

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Maybe try having a plain white one just for the shape and then do a color overlay?

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That’s right, should set the “Color” (vertex color) or “ColorMap” (texture) in jME code, not in the asset itself.

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Thank you guys, I’ll try your suggestions.