How should I start with IOS?

You have to select the JDK in each project. Have you configured your BASICGAME to use the new JDK location?

Re-post the full log again

Also, send a screenshot of your project properties screen (one with LIBRARIES selected, one with IOS selected)

Can you try creating a brand new BASIC GAME project now JDK is fully installed.

I am not sure if it’s related to JDK Selection in the SDK, it’s more like the SYSTEM needs a JDK to be installed. Because then it’s in the include path.
IIRC there was some trouble as apple changed the path it’s typically placed into.

The reason I suggested that is that it compiles past that point with the full project so it’s got to be related to project setup somehow.

I know the main project doesn’t compile fully and I still maintain thats something to do with one of the included libraries.

He could either strip down the main project as it gets past the jni issue or try creating another new BASIC GAME.

Worth a try I’d say.