How should I supply my editor so you can use it?

My scene editor for jme is reedy for release. The problem I have is that do the the rapid update of the cvs Interfaces, The program would soon be unusable with the current version of the cvs. The two solutions that I was given were using version .7 OR shipping my editor with a JME jar form the cvs. I can also supply the source code but the user would need to fix it and compile it. My editor is meant to be included as part of the program to allow editing of scenes from within your games and for debug proposes. I would like to know what shipping method is right for you.

personally, i would prefer it to be in the “Applications and demo’s” area on the site.

Could we perhaps have a look at it before we decide on the poll?


You can fined a old version hear.

i know, but what about the new version?