How The Hell Are We To Know All This Stuff!

What in the world!!! There’s nothing saying how to make damn objects in the gay JMonkeyPlatform which is incredibly useless when there are no Tutorials describing the stupid thing.

where do I put the .mesh.xml files. I can’t find the damn place to put the damn things when they are madde.!!! MAKE SOME FUCKING TUTORIALS YOU HOES!!! WOULD IT KILL YOU TO MAKE YOUR DAMN PRODUCT EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!! What the FUCK is up with your useless crap!!! YES, it is your responsibility to provide tutorials on EVERY DAMN FUCKING aspect of your DAMN FUCKING product!!!

P.S. Your FUCKING website is crap-ass-tastic-fully STUPID!!! Such incompetence in your work… Too lazy to make DETAILED tutorials on your fucked up product, and too lazy to make your DAMN FUCKING website user-friendly and FUCKING graphically attractive, you lazy sons-of-bitches!!!

And no Google or search engine BULLSHIT!!! There’s nothing out there because of your incompetence in PROVIDING the DAMN FUCKING tutorials in the DAMN FUCKING first place!!!

I do hope you’re not hoping to get some help after a brainless post like this one.

If you’d taken 5 mins to open your two years old eyes you might have noticed a lot of things. There are many tutorials, you’re just too dense and too imbued of yourself and your biased opinion to have noticed them.

Please do everyone a favor and leave. And don’t come back.

Don’t Feed the troll.

lol yeah the sdk is kinda stressing at some points but not really. Make ur own tools like i did, jme3’s code is simple to understand.

If ur not capable of understanding it, that probably means u got no java knowledge what so ever, and no reason to post such crap or be here in the first place.

PS: Rage-quits wont get u anywhere.

GTFO and play outside.

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The first post from before might have been someone genuinely frustrated but unable to properly express themselves in polite company.

A second post (that’s even longer no less) makes it seem more like just a troll looking to be fed. I mean, I can easily imagine him sitting around his computer with his twelve year old friends giggling about all of the naughty words they just used “online” and trying to see how many response they can get and if any of them are funny.

And that’s not to cast aspersions at many of the younger people who are on these forums, are polite, and apparently figure out JME just fine. But if this guy actually wanted help, he’d be asking differently by now.


One of the reasons i decided to learn this Java Game Engine was the good documentation and the lightweight code!

And somewhere i read, a book is in progress? So thumbs-up for the documentation :slight_smile:

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@juselessengine JMonkey Engine is a community project , no one ever paid for developers (big thumb up for jmonkey developers who spend lots of times for development). So I think your statement is not polite … and I think you’re very frustated :slight_smile:


Actually he’s the angry German kid

to OP : Ok you earned your spammer label
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I love the engine, i love the site, i don’t like the person who did this topic.

juselessengine not want to disrespect you, but you’ve ever used JME? I think that to disrespect this way, you must know more than you think you know. Also I have to say that JME is the best thing you’ll encounter. If both know, Why do not you make a graphics engine? If you knew both would have more respect for the project JME.

Are well advanced, and fixing bugs, what else do you want? Documentation, will be when they can, not when you say it.

Indeed, it appears you do not have much idea. Seem to want a program to make games with a click

PLEASE, respect JME and Programmers.

Sorry for my english.