How to add all wheel drive to bullet vehicle control

Normal cars are OK but this time i wanted to create a “Jeep” so I configured the stiffness and other values I found. But I have not found how to set the vehicle to all wheel drive jet or how to disable the differential.

Did anyone can help me?

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Not sure about the differential. Power to all wheels is fairly simple. Invoke the 2-argument accelerate() method on all 4 wheels:

PhysicsVehicle (MinieLibrary API)

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the acceleration methods seems to make no difference if I accelerate all whels or each wheel individual. Maybe my terrain is too hilly. So I added a small suspension and apply an impulse to the vehicle in direction of the physical direction and if its moving forward or backward;

Perhaps you were already simulating 4-wheel drive without knowing it.

yes I am also think so. Cause I start from the “Physical car demo”, added car and wheel models and a terrain, i had still used the key listener from SimpleApplication. With an analog listener and some fits to the acceleration behavior it looks quite better. I am now hanging on setFriction and setFrictionSlip, For frictionSlip the doku say 0.8 (default 10,5) is a normal car, but, with this values, if I not set the setFriction to almost 0 the car overturned while steering.

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The information that friction slip = 0.8 for a normal car has been passed down, probably from Normen, since before 2012. I don’t know where he got that information from. It may embody some undocumented assumptions about physics units. I’d take it “with a grain of salt” as we say.

By the way, if you’re serious about vehicle simulation you should perhaps check out the More Advanced Vehicles project: GitHub - stephengold/jme-vehicles: A tech demo and library for jMonkeyEngine vehicles

Great Pictures and Movies, but I mostly find time during my vacancies for small JME projects, This vacancy I do not want to start new. Maybe next vacancy, because I try to learn something new on every project. On my firs one I started with a self build vehicle on a plane ground. Meanwhile I am using Terrain and try the physical car.