How to add Bound to 3ds Max .obj model file after Loading

Hi all

I have a peculiar query, since i am new to Jmonkey, i am not sure how exactly i can put bounds to my 3ds Max .obj file affter loading it using ObjToJme.

My Model is a Building which has door and i can go inside the Building and visit all the rooms, but i have no bounds defined on walls, i am not sure how to do that.

as the buliding and all its rooms are in single model .obj file.

Please help me in this regard.


Thanks for your quick reply normen, i am using JME 2 and i downloaded example, but i was not able to understand how this can be achieved in JME 2, i had gone through entire documentation on version 2, tried bounding sphere and box , i am not catching the right point.

please can you help me