How to add mouse navigation in FPS naviagtion

i have set the input for rotating left or right but how do we look here and there by using mouse

What is ‘here’ and what is ‘there’? Or do you mean ‘up’ and ‘down’?

Is there any reason you aren’t starting with the fly cam that already does this?

no i have disabled the flyCam so i need to know how to rotate in all directions

Step 1: open the source code for fly cam
Step 2: cut and paste what you need.

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where is the source code i would appreciate your help if you could tell me where is it exactly!!

actually i have used the camNode!

how to use the mouse to look left and

using the FlyCam, or the flycam’s code

using camNode made by me(or any user)

CameraNode do not replace the FlyByCamera. It serves other purposes.

With CameraNode, you threat your camera position and direction as a scene’s spatial. FlyByCamera is used to translate user command into motion and rotation.

You can extend the CameraNode to add the input listening code of the FlyByCamera but copy/pasting the code. The ChaseCamera may also help, melting user command AND spatial control.

For more help, you need to explain with more details what you are trying to do, and maybe paste your current implementation.

You should have tried to search “first person camera” or looked in the tutorials before posting a thread about it.