How to add multiple SceneProcessor to Viewport?

Hi monkeys!
I’m using the water plugin (which uses a SceneProcessor), and I’d like to also use a TextureProjectorRenderer (for decals).

However, if I add both to the ViewPort I see the water but not the TextureProjectorRenderer. For viewing the latter I need to disable water :frowning:

How should I do? Thanks!

Is this a known issue? Has anybody experienced this? Thanks!

Hey, did you try to add the projector before the FilterPostProcessor?

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It worked! :slight_smile:

Well, now the water pops in after I’ve initialized the projector, but I’ll try to initialize it earlier.

However, is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

the order in processors is very important, TextureProjectorRenderer is not part of JME core, but afaik it work similarly to the ShadowRenderer. They do an additional pass and render the geoms with a blend additive mode. This doesn’t work well or not at all when you have filters.
As a rule of thumbs, always put the FPP at the end.

Yeah! Initialized & working correctly! :smiley:

@nehon said: always put the FPP at the end.

Probably that’s the reason it’s called POST processor :slight_smile: