How to adjust distance where terrain starts to disappear?

Hello all,

Is it possible to tune at what distance terrain starts to disappear?

I have changed the multiplier for LodCalculator and I can see changes in threshold for switching number of triangles but the distance at which the terrain starts to disappear is the same.

[java]TerrainQuad terrain = new TerrainQuad(TERRAIN_NAME, PATCH_SIZE, MAP_SIZE + 1, heightmap.getHeightMap());

TerrainLodControl control = new TerrainLodControl(terrain, cam);

control.setLodCalculator(new DistanceLodCalculator(65, 5f)); // patch size, and a multiplier[/java]

You use the frustum settings of the camera to determine when spatials disappear. In particular the frustum distance.

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:o now I just feel silly for asking lol


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