How to animate a moving flame without lags

I would like to render a an explosion like the one you can have in bomberman. What do you suggest ?

I have tryied particle manager but it’s too consuming…

Thanks for your help.

Do you mean animating pixmaps? I guess there would be a few ways to do this (which one is best I don’t, know, this isn’t my area of expertise). Someone will probably shoot all these ideas as terrible ideas. :slight_smile:

  1. Load a texture that contains each frame. Update the texture coordinates of a quad to show a frame at a time.
  2. Load multiple quads that contain a frame of the animation. Use a custom SwitchNode to iterate through the frames to animate.
  3. Switch textures in the texture state.

Personally, id have just 1 texture state… with all the flames in sequence. Then simply move the texture coordinates over…

This saves on some of the overhead. Its a little bit more complex, but i think its well worth the effort.