How to apply nightly builds?


I’m new in JME3, and I downloaded Windows version of it (beta version).

Now how can I apply nightly builds to my current engine installation?

I tried download or apply SVN using netbeans, but I cannot find any way to update my current engine.

Please can you give me info how to do it?

Thank you for your help!

You just check the “nightly” checkbox in the update center settings, press F1 in the SDK and read the manual on updating. But why do you want to do this? Right now for example the nightly is pretty much broken and its prone to be in random intervals. Just do the stable updates, they get pushed from time to time when the nightly changes have been finished and tested and got merged.

Edit: Don’t let any comments by “@Momoko_Fan” irritate you, when he says “make sure you use nightly” its only for the actual problem being talked about, all other caveats about nightly still apply and the fixes from trunk go to stable eventually.

Thank you for the info.

I wanted to apply nightly since I noticed that the beta-version is “old” (22 october 2011), and I thinking in my mind that, in this time (up to now), many good updates exist. It seems that a lot of time goes from an official update and the next one.

I’m wrong?

Yes, you’re wrong. Compared to about any OSS project our updates are very frequent, the last is just over a month ago:

Oh thank you! I did not find that post! Sorry.

Now can I apply those updates, since the official download site (beta version) is still at october 22?

Thank you again for your patience!! :slight_smile:

@normen said:
press F1 in the SDK and read the manual on updating

Help->Check for Updates

Ok, so I can get updates in the normal way used by netbeans to update any plugin.

Thank you! I will try it immediately!!