How to apply textures to a 3DS model

Hello friends…

Now, I'm trying to apply a new texture to a child of a loaded model…

But, when I enter the game, the texture is not there, only the background color of the texture (for example: black) is showed, or, I think it is… I'm trying to apply the texture only in the screen of my monitor model…

here is the code:

public NoDesafio4(Node intLab)
      //super("desafio 4");
      //Get the screen of my monitor (MONITORES.3DS)
      t_1 = (Node)((Node)intLab.getChild("monitores")).getChild("t_1");
      System.out.println("Valor de t_1: " + t_1); //just to confirm its correct
      //Insert Textures

   }//fim do construtor

Sounds like maybe the child does not have proper texture coordinates set?

how I set this???

to tell you the truth, most of the 3ds models I use I have to change the texture coordinates in 3ds.  When you export a model you have the option to preserve the texture coordinates.

I've never changed textures on my models before, however, I have found that several times when I've exported 3ds models with JME or used them directly, the texture is bound to the model by the original 3ds model.

You might try changing the texurl parameter

maxConverter.setProperty("texurl", textureForModel);

from this topic when I was having issues with my model textures.

does the original texture display or none of them display?

I did not set a texture on 3ds, I just want to put a new texture using JME…

here is the problem…

I dont know why, but i need to apply a material to the screen of my monitor, only then I can't change the texture…