How to attach Spatial to mouse and make mouse visual?

I was wondering if there was a way to disable the flycam and make you able to see the mouse, then get the mouse’s position and attach a Spatial to it? If this is possible, what code would I use? I want a type of dynamic HUD for an RTS-style game. Would it have anything to do with disabling the flycam and making new input bindings for the mouse?

Just implement a mouse listener and move a quad in the gui node according to the x/y location of the mouse?

OK thanks! Now I can rig up a ghetto HUD with Spatials attached to the GUI node and just change things on intersections. But how would I get the location of the mouse? And make the Spatial move only on the X/Y axis, as if it was flat? Is there any kind of method I could call to get the mouse location? like “spatial.setLocalTranslation(getMouseLocation);” or something like that?

Please read all what I wrote and especially try to do what I said. I suggested a) to implement a mouse listener, this gives you the x/y location, then I suggested b) to use the GUI node to have the spatial only move in screen coordinates. The details of this are explained in the wiki and if you run into problems you are probably not the first and should try a forum search before you start a new thread.

OK, now I understand. Sometimes, I’m a little slow. Thanks a bunch though.