How to attach the Screencomposer (again) to the main-screen

Hi, (being a newbie to jM3)

I do not know how I detached the preview window from the main-window.

Trying to do what is shown in tutorial to change a scene the window is floating.

And I cannot see the possibilities to add objects (at the left border in the tutorial) and I have the impression that both things are dependent from each other?

My question is : how to attach the SceneViewer again to the main-window

(and if possible, how can I get the options from the tutorial to ‘fill’ a scene, now only axis are visible)

To reattach the window just right-click the title bar and select “dock window”. You can only add objects when you have opened a j3o file that you either create by File->New File… or by converting a model to j3o in the SceneComposer (right-click j3o and select "Edit in SceneComposer).