How to begin with jme?

freinds!! im a newbie in game developement… just downloaded Jme… could any one  guide me through the process of how to aquire more knowledge in this feiild… books and relevent material?? and a gud ide… will it be eclipse???

i went through the tutorials f d site and the render codes r difficult 2 understand so before starting dev what else im i suposed 2 know!! :?

Ps: completely new!!!

If you do not know Java yet, then you should probably learn that first. Good book for learning Java if you are a beginner is ‘Head First Java’. Or just Google it and keep reading guides and tutorials.

If you DO know Java then the best place to start are the tutorials in the WiKi.

Just follow the guidelines in this thread for example.

Good luck

If you're new to Java, you may want to make some 2D games first. jME is primarily for 3D games and even though jME does most of the calculations already, you'll still need to some linear algebra at times (e.g., manipulate the camera, move/rotate objects, etc). In addition, you need to be proficient with object oriented programming to know what classes/objects are, when to subclass and/or override something. On the other hand, tutorials can be quite useful and otherwise you can ask on the forums.

well i know the basic core Java for starters…

So i have to get to 2d first!! any book suggestions so that i can gain better in less time??

And i treid to compile some codes in the site… the headers dnt work…


import com.jme.scene.shape.Box;

import com.jme.math.Vector3f;

is there any problem with my editor or the editors simply dnt support jme??

The imports aren't working so that means you are missing the package… you need to import either the jars or the project files for jME into your project

dont the jars come with the jme whn i used cvs tool to install it??

Yes… the jar-s came with the source when you downloaded it from CVS, but they must be connected to the jME project inside your IDE. Also you must add the downloaded jMe project to the build path of your own project.

Basically it is all described here: WiKi - setting up jME for Eclipse

as suggested i started java 2d first… can anyone suggest any books for the 2d???

You really don't need to know a ton of advanced math… you could start off in 3D imo.

I agree with Trussell, you don't need to start with 2d if you're using jME.

What I suggest you to do, if you have a proficient Java knowledge, is to look at the examples which are in JME. See how they work and what they do. After that, try to make something small with the knowledge you've learned. Try to understand why you have to use certain methods and what they do. Then gradually move on untill you can visualize yourself making a game with the knowlegde you've learned.

Doesn't have to be any fancy, as long as you don't bite off more than you can chew.

I managed to study a bit of the 2d… but dosnt seem to help… arent there any books or reading material for jme??

ps: 2d is a drag… :expressionless:

and another thing!! the site features Game engines like Blender3d and others which help in design terrains and all. Do these engines have any relevance in jme?? i think that blender3d is python based… is it to be used in jme or does jme rely on self codes…

whats the diffrence between these two?? blender 3d and Jme???

Blender is a modeling tool. It has its own game engine built into it. It’s relevance to jME is that you use it to build models of objects for your 3D application and export them. Then you can load these models into your jME game. JME is a scene graph API, not so much a game engine. It helps you to organize things for rendering with OpenGL.

I suggest just diving into jME and trying a bunch of the tests and tutorials. Start with the Flag Rush tutorials by Mojomonkey, that’s how I started.

Then the graphic portions that come in the screenshots are not completely designed in jme?? the characters and there facial features?? how are they scripted?? in opengl or tools like blender3d??

I was thinkin of a small project based on this… how to design the characters??

8hoursleep said:

Then the graphic portions that come in the screenshots are not completely designed in jme??

Some are, some aren't. JME offers primitive shapes like box, sphere, quad, etc. But more complex shapes like people or vehicles are almost always done with a modeling tool (like Blender) and then imported into jME.

any tuts on makin characters??? heard dat maya is gud for charcter design. Along with dat photoshop is also used…

but donno how?? :// can any one guide me??

If you are using Blender, then there are many tutorials online for it. Try a google search.

which one s  better?? maya or blender???

Well… Blender is free and very capable. I've never used Maya.

any links were i can find sum reliable material on blender plz??