How to build the JME JAR files?

I have IDEA (a great java IDE), but am wholly inexperienced in using these XML build-descriptor files.

Can someone describe (in IDEA-specific or high-level terms) the process for putting the classes I’ve created into a JAR file?


I have no experience with IDEA, so I can’t be IDEA specific, sorry. However, to use the build.xml to build the jar files is quite easy from the command line. All you need to do is open a command line and navigate to the base jme folder (where the build.xml files are located). Then type ant dist. This will call the dist target in build.xml (the default build file). This will compile and build the jar, the jar is then placed in the target directory.

Ok … my next issue is that I seem to lack ant.

I’ll google a bit… thanks for the fast answer!


it’s a simple, download, unzip, put the bin dir into your path. Set JAVA_HOME and you are ready.

did you add the actual dll or the folder in which the dll resides?

did you do this:



Fear not! The problem is not yours. It turns out that TestText is broken. And no surpise: the code is ancient and uses initialization that’s a couple generations old. I’ll fix it, and everything should work just fine.

edit: A fixed version has been committed to CVS.

Thank you, I think! :slight_smile: Though, I suppose two times $0 is still nothing. Oh well, I’ll feel twice as warm and fuzzy instead.