How to calculate the maximum visible position in World Cordinates


Im nooby with Jmonkey. And I’m trying to create a cardgame. I have a 3D board (a Plane), and I have to position my cards in visible area. I’m having some difficult to calculate the maximum values that are visible for my camera.

For example, I need to know what is the maximum and minimum X, depending the Y and Z.

If someone can help me, point some example, it could help me. I read about frustrum, but I didn’t have success with my tests.

Well, does your camera or your board move? If not, then there’s nothing wrong with simple trial and error to position your cards. Of course, you would have to consider what happens at different aspect ratios,

If you really do need to compute intersection points between you view frustum and a plane, I would use the getWorldCoordinates method of the camera to get the coordinates and view direction of the screen corners and compute the intersection points between the plane and those four rays.