How to change the collisionShape of the BetterCharacterControl?

Hi guys! A friend of mine is developing a Voxel game, and wanted to know if he could change the CollisionShape of his BetterCharacterControl to a BoxCollisionShape. I tried to test it in the IDE and searched in the forum, but didn’t found anything. Is it possible?


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The problem is that to make the player go (setWalkDirection) he is climbing blocks because of its Capsule Shape standard BetterCharacterControl that is round!

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I think you can just open the BetterCharacterControl and edit it? Line 500 or so has a method “getShape()” in which it is created, I don’t imagine it being too complicated.

Also, does the problem still occur if you scale down the size of the capsule (in the constructor)?

@JESTERRRRRR thanks for the reply. I think the best idea, based on your solution, is to create a CubicCharacterControl that extends BetterCharacterControl and overrides the default construtor to define the cubic shape.

The problem may disappear if he scales down the size of the capsule, but then, only part of the object is solid! Also, if we implemented a BoxCollisionShape, it would reduce the number of calculations the engine has to do.