How to change the scene's size(make the area that the nodes appear in larger)

Hello all!

I originally thought I would have to set the boundaries of the scene myself, however it removes nodes depending how I traverse the scene.

I am looking to have a Camera viewing the ENTIRE scene from above, and I want to have a market follow me, as if I was tracking myself on a map. I however can only go about 1000 units up before the box’s I’m using disappear into the back of the scene.

I am using multiple cameras and only want the 1 to view the entire scene. I might also want to change the size of the view of my original as well.

Thanks for the help,


“Camera Frustum” is the keyword you need to search for.

Thanks a ton, I was looking at Camera, and it had a lot of settings, which that was one of them. SO I figured I would ask here to get which one, and you so happened to do just that :D.

Are there any other important keywords I should look out for?

Thanks again.


Things that are “far” are getting “clipped” by some kind of “plane”. So you may also want to look at “far clipping plane” as it related to frustum.