How to clone Node

Dear guys,

I load 1 model from DAE file, then, I get the model. But, I need to create more than 3 characters with the same model. I don't need to reload the model 3 times in order to create 3 characters with the same model. I cannot find the clone() in Node class. Help me!

Sorry guys,

I remember that we have SharedNode  :expressionless:

the last time i tried this didn't work when using animated models…

did someone fix it?

To save Clone:

CloneImportExport cloner = new CloneExportImpot();
Spatial spatial = new Spatial();
cloner.saveClone( spatial );

To load clone:

Spatial clonedSpatial = (Spatial) cloner.loadClone();

I am not sure if this works for animated models.

Won't using sharedNodes make the transforms identical for each sharedNode??

I am trying to figure this out right now.  I see that the SharedMesh won't work for what I'm doing since the mesh has animation applied to it. 

Anyone know about SharedNodes?