How to create a line made of particles?

i wish i could make a "lighting" line betwen the pong ball and the walls (3dpong) so it would be easier to know where the ball actualy is. the first idea was a particle line form the ball that runs ONLY in the X axis untill reach the wall, and another in the Z axis. that would replace the cylinders that i put there for now…

but i didn't managed to discover how to do a partile line, only a trail :confused:

seens that no one know or understood my question. so here another.

there is a way to make a "trail" ParticleMesh that moves the already generated particles with it? because the normal trail that i know how to do, if you move the ParticleMesh you move only the source of particles and not the ones that have been already created :confused:

i think you can somehow release particles into localspace instead worldspace, that would move them with the paddle.

there was a thread somewhere about it.