How to create a project from scratch

I’ve been using the BasicGame template so far to learn jme3, but now I want to do more things such as alter the camera setup settings, change background color etc.

I managed to make copies of the SimpleApplication and Application classes, but there were problems with the AppStateManager symbols not being recognised.

I’m very confused by it all. I just need to take the BasicGame template so that I can tweak everything inside, down to ViewPort level etc for my own purposes,

maybe I’m going about it completely wrong,


Why? What do you want to do? If you dont even understand what it would require I doubt its a good idea doing that. You can modify anything in SimpleApplication, just go through the documentation in the wiki to find out about things.

okay for example if I wanted to access the instantiated object of the viewport to change the background color - how would I do that?

i’ve been trying things like this,

Main app = new Main();


but it doesn’t work…

managed to figure it out, basic OOP understanding…

sorry for noob posts…