How to create a scene explorer application with JME3

Hello Everyone. So I’ve been using JME3 since 2011 and the biggest let down I’ve experienced is the inability to navigate easily across the default JME3 scene explorer. You can of cause drag around the scene about the origin but I haven’t found a way to scroll through a scene, like when you hit CTRL and Scroll with the mouse in blender you scroll sideways.

This has made it difficult (for me) to build ready scenes in this editor and often opted to build my scenes in Blender then export them to JME3. I’m not asking for the creation of models but just the precise placement of models in a scene. So it has been difficult to try to build a scene as big as a racing track where models can be reused in different scenes by simply linking them to the scene, which now requires you to have a model for every level containing some of the models in other levels using up more memory.

I know there could be a way around this but it uses up a lot of time, which is why I have put it upon myself to try and build a Scene explorer where you can easily navigate the scene and import game ready assets to make a game level. The problem is, I haven’t found a way to create a scene explorer like viewport to edit the scene in real time. Kind of like the scene editor in Blender where you can switch to wireframe, textures, solid and so on.

If it is possible to easily navigate the scene editor, I’d appreciate the advice too.

You can select an object in the scene explorer and center the scene composer camera on it, otherwise zooming out and dragging the view shouldn’t be an issie really.

As for the other question, all I read was “I want to do a scene composer but I don’t know how” so I don’t think investing energy into that makes sense.

What I meant was “I’m not sure how you create a viewport with wireframe or ‘material-less’ surfaces like in the Blender editor”. As for creating a scene which will run like a normal game and will load assets into the scene and save the save the scene, that isn’t a problem. I just don’t think the application should “run” like a normal game, or is there some custom rendering to it? (I have never looked at custom rendering before).

The SDK has a button to display the scene as a wireframe, the source code is available…?

Its a simple scene processor: sdk/ at master · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub

EDIT: Oups my proposition is off-topic after I re-read the long description. I also use blender for level design (with naming convention, xbuf, post-loader,…)

My experiment, about providing an non-SDK scene-explorer (extensible): usable like an AppState with any java8 game/app.

the project include a sample demo under test directory

And you can see a use with the my standalone ModelViewer :

Else the Helper class should contains some useful for you.

Well, maybe I just wanted to take a look at the source code of the scene explorer. Thanks for the link.