How to create a tornado with particle emmtior?

How can I set additional acceleration orthogonal to velocity?

I’ve researched it myself.

  • You should not touch ParticleInfluencer since it is responsible only for initial particle parameters, not lifecycle updates

    • You may extend ParticleEmitter and override its updateparticleState method to set gravity vector in desired way

      You may use the hack: setInWorldSpace for false and make tornado spatial spin and place gravity vector to look for axis

P.S. I've decided to look into wiki documentation only if source code is unclear

Hi Ayvango

Could you possibly go into a little more detail about how you overrode the updateParticleState method? I wish to override some behavior in the updateParticle method but I’m finding it difficult to extend the ParticleEmitter class without breaking a whole lot of things. Specifically, I’m looking to allow a particle to have 3 color states, with a midlife value, to allow fade-in and fade-out effects. This makes smoke in particular look more convincing.