How to create a whole through a spatial

Have a need to put a doorway through a wall.

Is there an easy way to make part of a wall spatial transparent by obscuring it with another door way spatial, in effect setting values on the doorway spatial's texture state so that it transparents out the wall spatial.

Of course, will need to do special bounds checks to allow one to move through the doorway and not the wall.

Yessss, thought that would be the answer. And i remember when you could cheat at amiga games, poke and peek and alas there is a hole.

For the sake of shadows and shading have to do composite meshes ( fans / strips ), may as well go learn about it and do it properly.

I think you should have a wall model/composition that already has a door. Putting a Spatial in front to achieve what you described would be possible if you fiddle around with zbuffer and rendering order, but I think you really should not do that.