How to create augmented reality games in jME 3?

Can anyone please tell how to create augmented reality applications in jme3. i am doing an augmented reality project and i am new to jmonkey engine. Thanks in advance.

Maybe you should first try and make some simple things with JME. Follow the tutorials; they will bring you to a good level of knowledge. Then you will be able to learn more.

Next step is I remember seeing people interfacing Microsoft Kinect with JME right here on the forum. It may be a good starting point when you have taken grasp of JME.

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what @yang71 said

But these maybe helpful none-the-less(although you can more easily use sensors now)

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:slight_smile: Thanks @yang71 </a and @wezrule for your fast reply.
I am learning jme at the moment and i am comfortable with java. if anybody know about some augmented reality library which works well with jme please do let me know about it.