How to create large detailed terrain

Hi all,

I am wondering how can I create large detailed terrain.

I have made a terrain using one height map and textured the terrain with ProceduralTextureGenerator using three 512x512 textures for each three height layers. Now I would want to assign (looping) detailed textures for each three textures.

I know there is a way to have one detailed texture for the whole terrain, but it is not enough because the terrain has different textures at each height levels.

Can I have detailed textures in a way that I want or is there another way to create a large detailed terrain with multiple materials?


It sounds like what you’re getting at is texture splatting.

With splatting you a number of layers, each of which has two parts: One detail texture which will be tiled, and one splat texture which fits the terrain (not tiled). It tells where the detail texture will show.

There are splatting examples in the jmetest package - TestTerrainSplatting and TestIsland I think. Additionally, here is a (long) thread about it with code:

I suggest that you use my Procedural Terrain System.  There are about 10 samples provided which do exactly what you are requesting.  These samples can be run directly from that page, and the source code for all samples are available in the source distribution available from the same page.  This uses the texture splatting technique referenced by Alric, and the resulting system system is much more powerful and scalable.

The examples show how you can do high-res elevation-based texturing by specifying only the image+scale for each distinct elevation range.

Thanks for your answers! I'll take a closer look at suggested methods.