How to create multiple trees at once

Hello mates! I am new to the engine and I am trying to create a forest in my game. I know that you can create multiple clones of the spatials in different areas but i was wondering if I could create all of them at once. Since the game is multiplayer, the trees have to be in the same location each time but the pattern or way they are created doesn’t matter. Does anybody have an idea on how to do this? Thanks for all your help!

You might have to explain your situation a little further. As far as I can tell from what you describe assetManager.loadModel() is all you need.

Well for starters, new Random(seed) produces a lways the same randoms if the seed is the same. So for a simple basis, transfer the seed, then let the client create x trees with coordiantes x,z (and y determine by a trace downwards).

This would be the most simple concept, but it’s a good point for starting I would say.

Don’t forget to inform about Batchnode, and GeometryBatchFactory.