How to: Creating a Road on complex Terrain

Hello Community,

i got a Problem with the terrain at the moment. I tried to model the Terrain in 3ds Max, which generally works, but there are several Problems with blending the textures and Stuff.So I started the jme terrain editor, loaded my heightmap and there it was. My map. But theres one big problem. There are no streets. I tried to figure out how to put streets on the map but dont have any idea how. Maybe exporting the heightmap from 3ds max into jme, but mostly it doesnt look like i want it to be. Hope anyone can help. Besides, im just modelling. I dont have a clue of java. A friend has the programmer part. Be patient please… i searched for hours now, but i couldn’t get it working though.

What i want from the map in the Picture:

  • serpentine roads to the top of the plateu and around the whole (should be a lake later)

    thanks in advance

    cheers david

JME doesn’t have a built in road editor yet. Hopefully someday, but they are tricky to build.

If you have your heightmap in 3ds Max, do you also have the roads in there? If so, you can try exporting just the roads as a model and adding them into the jme scene. They should match up almost exactly with the terrain (although you might have to scale them slightly). There are several terrain painting tools that can help you blend the road into the terrain.


Like @Sploreg said, it’s tricky to get the work done and there isn’t an official sollution yet.

I 've done myself a citygen project and also still want to find a better solution but if you just want to make a “terrain fit” road. Take a look at this two links, hope they help:

Humus - 3D

Well thanks for the replies. I dont really know what to do with the humus stuff. Seems to be written c ? Dont really know how to use it, so i may stick the 3ds max. The stuff on the page looks really good (nearly amazing ? congrats to his work) but for me it looks like voodoo u know.

Well and i cant access the content of the second link. Chrome says something about permissions. Maybe you can send me a Mail or upload it somewhere if its possible (Copyright stuff ?) . I’ll update this thread. Maybe we can help some people out there having the same Problem as me… (IF there is a proper solution) . See ya later and thanks again !