How to debug collision detection and physics?

Hi …

My carrom board game is ready in terms of set up like board, coins, striker and their positioning.

User can pick up the target point and user input imparts velocity to striker.

But I am facing issues like striker passing through coins, game being quite slow and sometimes striker even

passing through the border walls. Sometimes striker do hit the coins but then collisions are not as expected with lots of rolling and tumbling and much more than simple straight colisions expected in a carrom game.

Going through forums, I come across many diff possible reasons like meshes, time per frame etc etc.

I am not very clear abt these things and I don’t have clear picture how all these can play role in physics.

Can someone tell me how can I debug my code for these issues…I mean what I should look for during debugging

for these issues?

I can provide my code here to see it if I am missing something big as I think physics simulation for carrom must not be that big an issue for a carrom game.

Perhaps using a strider instead of a striker helps.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley:

As I said before, I believe the passing through thing is a matter of “speed of your objects” vs. “physics accuracy”. Did you try setting the accuracy to (1f / “a ridiculously high value”) like I suggested?

yup i tried that code…but it didn’t help.

Take a look at from JmeTest (run it and press left and right mouse button). It does the same as you want to do.

thanks a lot survivor.