How to delete the square base of the image based terrain block?

i made this terrain block with image based height map. and since the gray scale image is a square image, the terrain block also has this square base.

how do i make it disappear?

and this is a pic to give u a better idea about what im talking about. The blue square base is what im trying to get rid of~


Also, you could add a water pass that is higher than the "to be hidden" ground.

Maybe add an alpha channel to the texture so that it's transparent beyond the sections you expect to be visible?

thx ill try the alpha channel.

but i cant use the water pass solution since i want that part gone not replaced.


yeah the alpha channel does work, but i just realized i cant use it.

coz if i simply make is invisible, my player can still get to there since the trimesh still exists.

what i really need to do is delete the trimesh~

how can i do that?

Well, you really can't.  TerrainBlocks are just that… blocks.  You'll have to solve player walking a different way…  (e.g. by checking slope to determine an area is too steep, or using a color (alpha) channel to provide walkability information, etc.

I think you might be able to create your own method to create meshes from a heightmap, using alpha or a given height threeshold to discard some triangles.

Maybe it is worth having a look at com.jmex.terrain.TerrainBlock.buildVertices().

Hope it helps.

thx for all the help~

i guess ill just use all 3ds models instead of terrain blocks~