How to determine the co-ordinates along the radius of a circle?

Hey guys,

am a newbie to 3D and just started building something,

Whats the easiest way to get the co ordinates along the radius of a circle?

i need them to place an asteroid field that occupies a portion of the radius of an orbit around a sun. ie: my field will occupy the area similar to a half of a donut.

are their are any classes to facilitate this type of thing?

the only way i can think of involves pythagoras and manipulating vectors, im sure their is a simpler way?

thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

hm circle formular + distancevector + random varying vector

that pretty much as easy as it can get

I know in the beginning it is hard with vectors i learnd it in 9class myself to be able to write lua scripts for garrysmod ^^

But there are plenty ressources that help you learning it over the internet.

angle = random(0,2*PI)

x = cos(angle) * dist

y = sin(angle) * dist

You can also vary dist a bit, otherwise the asteroids will be exactly on the circle

thanks guys i’ll need to look through this when am sober lol, ty v much allready a lot simpler than what i had envisioned, again cheers guys :smiley:

Thanks for the link Momoko Fan answered all my questions on the subject :slight_smile:

And yeah EmpirePhoenix for a newb vectors not easy to manipulate :slight_smile:

Maybee it cheers you up to know, that once you understood them you have the advantage over most people that you can imagine them in a 3d space (as you learned them there and most learn them only in 2d on paper)