How to "disable" children nodes

I was wondering if I have a node w/ 10 children, how can I disable/halt traversal certain children?  Do I actually have to remove the children from the parent node?  Or do should I create a switchnode that uses a bitset?

First,…you are writing in the wrong forum! There is a general-forum in troubleshooting as well…(tricky I know :smiley: )

Are you using jME2, if yes:

To your question: I would say removing the node from the scenegraph is always the safest method. You can also

set a node to be always culled so it (ant its children) is not rendered anymore. But that have some sideeffects (e.g.

the node is still "visible" for collision-tests)you can achieve this with something like this:


Sorry, I scrolled a little too low and posted to the wrong "general".    :|  Thanks.