How to disable inherent motions in jme?

Hi all,

In my game when I move the mouse then my scene undergoes all sorts of 3d transformations.

I want to stop this.What I want is that on mouse movement only a certain object(a crosshair) is moved so that player can set the aim while rest of the scene/setting is static. Also I want that corsshair motion caused by mouse movement is on my 2d surface only.

How can it be done?


Scenegraph for dummies.

Read the doc.

I’m not sure I completely understand your question, but yes you need to read how game engines and graphics work in general. When you move the camera, everything has to transform.

But if you are saying you want the scene to stay static, and just see the mouse move, look at


Actually I am making a board game,so user is looking on board from top which I achieve by setting camera on a point on Y axis and looking towards origin.

Now my ojective is to provide an aiming character like a cross hair and user could move it freely with mouse movement on board so as to pick up a point where it can then shoot.But moving mouse doesn’t move the crosshair, instead it moves entire scene.

So I want to have mouse movement mapped to the cross hair only, and then pickign its position on board with a mouse click.

Can it be done?



I think this link may help in realising what I amlooking for:

There is a red cross hair which player can move on board with mouse movement and pick up the position…mouse movement doesn’t move entire scene.



…which, by the way, is EXACTLY what does.

You will save yourself a lot of time if you read all of the tutorials and poke around at the code of the jme tests. There is a wealth of information there and many times already code that does what you want.