How to download this engine? no download link on this site... wow

thnx for the pain.
searching all the net for this andi cant find…
i cant use opengl on my pc for some reason and now you. thnx

You can download the SDK from github page:

if you want to use it in your IDE with gradle/maven you can find jars on bintray :

And above this forum you can see link to wiki , and github page

Im quite certain any graphics card from the last 10 years or more supports OpenGL 2.

And as for a download link, your google-fu must be pretty weak. Just search “jmonkey download” or maybe you know, just ask? And just like that a digital Santa will send some festivity-laden bytes down ye olde copper wires and package it nicely into thy download folder.

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did you make that just for this situation?


Man there are countless meme generators around these days. It takes like 20 seconds for such a standard template.

Now making a gif with animated tracked relevant meta text, that would be impressive. Perhaps reddit has spoiled me :smile:

Yeah, I think even imgur has a meme generator these days.

Yeah… just looking, I have a few I made directly on imgur and saved.

I thought I had another one but I can’t find it… so I created it again just now: