How to draw a globe?

I want to make some geography quiz game. I need to draw a sphere and some objects on it, like countries, cities, seas etc. I want to modify this drawings dynamically, for example, I user selects some country, the highlight it and so on.

Is it possible to have some dynamically updated materials or something?

Is there any way to draw on the surface of 3d object in some surface coordinates?

You would have to transform from the surface of the object to the correct co-ordinate systems and work it back that way, it’s certainly possible.

Look at ImageRaster (in the core) and ImagePainter (plugin) to modify textures.

Thanks. I have installed ImagePainter plugin from within jMonkeySDK and got the same code and the same exception as a guy here:

Do you mean one should switch jMonkeySDK to nightly mode to use ImagePainter plugin?

Yes. Until 3.0 is released which will support it.