How to enable the mouse!?

Hey guys,

I am a first time JME user. Just a quick question. How do I stop the mouse from disappearing when I load a JME program. I am using StandardGame. It is really annoying as I cannot move the window around when the game is running. Even in the mouse pick example, the mouse is disabled outside the window, so I cannot move it around!

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Just Alt-Tab out of the window to move it.

Yea :frowning: That is what I have been doing, but it is very annoying. Especially when I am making a mouse only game, it beats that I cannot exit the game with my mouse? Is this a problem with JME or something?

Uh, its the default behaviour for any kind of mouse controlled shooter game or something. Would be very annoying when you have your mouse going out of the window each time you reach the border of your window when turning around :stuck_out_tongue: You can change this behaviour, there should be hints in the wiki and in the jmetest classes. Some tests already apply the kind of mouse handling you have in mind.

Ah, I see why it could be useful now. Do you know any specific examples in jmetest? I am looking through them, but havn’t yet found one.

Many thanks.

you should try :

tried [java] mouseInput.setCursorVisible(true);[/java] ?