How to enforce JME setting?

I’d like to enforce the Vsync to true. Is there a way to show the launcher, but not allow the user to tweak some settings?

Why do I want Vsync? On fast PC, my animations are slowed down because usually the tfp is too small and get discarded because of rounding.

Not the answer you’re looking for, but:
What settings do you wish the user to be able to alter? Would it make sense to move them somewhere else and not display the dialog on startup? After all, few apps force you to select resolution every time you launch them.

Sort of solved: called manually and then overwrite the setting

    settings.setVSync(true); //to set the vsync by default
    if (!JmeSystem.showSettingsDialog(settings, true)) {
    settings.setVSync(true); //to ignore the user input