How To Export mesh.xml?

I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve installed blender2ogre but it only wants to make .scene files. I tried forcing it to export .mesh, and it game me .mesh.scene. I need it to export .mesh.xml. Any help would be greatly appreciated

you already made this thread…

So you got the exporter working but, you want to export just the mesh.xml? Then untick the “export scene” checkbox and change the file type to .mesh.xml

Give me a minute…reinstalling Blender. I thought maybe because I had the newest version.

Okay it WILL NOT let me check off “Blender2OGRE” or whatever it’s called, in USerPreferences -> Addons. I mean it physically won’t let me do so.

Okay, finally fixed it.
I got my model to export, however I have a .mesh and a .skeleton file. I want these to be a .mesh.xml file. How can I do this?

(Sorry for being a novice on the forums)

It won’t export to .mesh.xml. No matter what I do.
I just want to export a body, and its armature, as a .mesh.xml. How do I do this??

Please don’t bump and did you try just importing the model in the SDK instead of running wild about the xml extension? Not that it wasn’t dead easy to find out how to convert .mesh to .mesh.xml via :google: but you probably don’t even need to, instead you collect thumbs downs and bump the posts you collect them with… :?

I was under the impression that had to be done. Luckily I talked to another user that helped me out.