How to filter buffed entities based on scene id in client side?


I use Parent for the idea of “composition”. Mobility’s only reason for existence is to be hanging on some other entity so Parent makes sense.

But really, “Target” would have worked, too. Sometimes it just depends on my mood which one I will default to. :slight_smile:


I was just thinking if you move to a new scene, you “spawn” in that scene. But I guess if there’s other logic going on, it may be true what you say


Or maybe better to add a new JoinedTo component (which has a property “partyId”) and use it to point to the Party this client is joined. :slightly_smiling_face:


@pspeed would you use a “SpawnPositionVisibility” / “StaticObjectVisibility” in server side to filter static objects by scene id for client or rather to filter it in client ?
like : Filters.fieldEquals(SpawnPosition.class, "sceneId", selectionScene), SpawnPosition.class, ...)


I’d use a client-side filter.

Technically any of these things based on scene ID, I’d use a client side filter.

The component visibility filter on BodyPosition is because (in my case), I’m letting SimEthereal tell me what is/isn’t visible and that’s not something I can really do from the client.


I see, thanks for your reply.