How to force reload / re-install?

Running Alpha4, using nightly builds. Java 1.6.9_24 on Ubuntu Linux.

Ran update after week away and toasted everything - no projects visible. When attempting to open them, it suggests “Missing Plugins?” So I found many of my plugins were showing as deactivated. If I try to re-activate them with the plugin installer, error pop-up says:

Activation Failed: Not all requested modules can be enabled: [StandardModule:org.netbeans.modules.debugger.jpda.ui jarFile: /home/xxxxx/jmonkeyplatform/java/modules/org-netbeans-modules-debugger-jpda-ui.jar]

This particular one was when trying to re-activate was the Java Debugger in this case.

I figured I would bite the bullet and do a clean install, but it reports it is already installed and cannot be re-installed. What is the recommended action to get back running with the least pain?

I experienced the same thing and wrote about it in this thread:

The short story is to delete (or rename) all the com-jme modules in “AppDataRoaming.jmonkeyplatformdevmodules”. It will then fall back to use the ones in Program Files instead.

rickard, thanks for your quick reply. I think I found the equivalent path in Linux, in my case the directory:


if this is a bunch of .xml files for all the plugins. I tar’ed them up just in case and then deleted them. I got errors on start such that I had to select -ignore and continue- (or something like that). But all the ‘problem’ plugins still show installed but not activated.

Do I need to delete and re-install them?

It’s a bunch of .jars. Check in dev/Modules instead.

I don’t have a /dev/Modules and there are no .jars in the ~/.jmonkeyplatform sub-directory tree. I found a promising bunch under ~/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/modules directory, tarred them up, and deleted the .jars - restart runs, but still no visible projects and it will not open them - same ‘?missing plugins’ error.

OK, I got back in business by deleting everything in ~/jmonkeyplatform (my originally chosen install location), but leaving all of .jmonkeyplatform and .jmonkeyplatforminstaller. After it restarted, I had to go into Plugins and re-activate all of the grayed-out jme modules. It then recognized and imported my existing projects.